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about covid – 19

“Kreata Alfa S.A.” informs that it is in constant communication with the National Organization of Public Health regarding issues related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and has already taken immediate preventive measures to protect customers, suppliers, partners and employees in order to protect them and contribute to the disruption of the transmission chain.

All our employees at are healthy and regularly undergo appropriate preventive coronavirus diagnostic tests, are informed of current personal hygiene measures and have immediate access to appropriate consumables to prevent infections. We would like you to know that:

  • From 12/03/2020 beyond personal hygiene measures, the drivers of will deliver your shopping in a special protective mask and gloves.
  • All our vehicles are equipped with a special disinfectant. Ourdrivers have been specifically instructed to use the disinfectant after each delivery of orders regardless of the use of gloves.
  • At the same time, we have proactively reinforced the disinfection program in all the product areas, as well as in the workplace and in our butchers’ shops.

Our aim is both to protect our workers and to provide our service seamlessly with high quality and safety criteria.

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